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Unknown Story
Updated: 4/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Teacher 1: Sate, watashitachiha heya no naka o arukimawari, jibun no namae to jibun jishin ni tsuite hitotsu nobemasu. Ē to... Saisho ni iku māgotto.Teacher( Alright, we are going to go around the room and state our name and one thing about ourselves. uh... Margot you go first.)
  • A girl in the front row stood up with an annoyed look on her face: Wakarimashita, watashinonamaeha māgotto de, rakurosu o suru no ga sukidesu.A girl in the front row stood up with an annoyed look on her face ( ok, my name is Margot and I like to play lacrosse.)TEACHER 1 called for the next STUDENT to stand up and started talking.
  • Teacher 1: Ē to... Tsugi ni iku hito wa... Ā! Jakku!Teacher (hm... who should go next... ah! Jack!)A boy in the middle of the room stands up. The boy is nervously smiling and shakingJack frantically trying to avoid eye contact with anyone : Ē to... M - watashinonamaeha jakkudesu... Ē to... Soshite ē to... Watashi wa yomu koto ga sukide, ē to... KakuBJoy frantically trying to avoid eye contact with any one ( um... m-my name is Jack and... uh... and well... I like to read and uh... write)
  • Teacher 1:Jakku arigatōTeacher (thank you Jack)TEACHER 1 finishes with roll call and turns to DUSTIN.Teacher 1: Dasutin, sukina muryō no isu ni suwaru koto ga dekimasu.Teacher( Dustin, you can sit down in any free chair you like.)
  • Gym class and TEACHER2 is putting the STUDENTS in groups of three. TEACHER 2 has already called 2 other groups.Teacher 2: Hai, gurūpu 3desu. Ē to, Dasutin, jakku, māgottodesu.Teacher 2 (Ok, group three... uh, let's see, Dustin, Jack, and Margot)Dustin, Jack, and Margot look at each other with blank stares and turn back to TEACHER 2. TEACHER 2 finishes with the grouping the rest of the STUDENTS and the class walks outside for directions.
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