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Epic Hero's Journey: Beowulf--By: Abigail Hovendick
Updated: 9/24/2020
Epic Hero's Journey: Beowulf--By: Abigail Hovendick
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  • 1) Beowulf is a very well known warrior and epic hero. He has swum to the bottom of the ocean and fought incredible beasts, and not once was in fear of his life. He always acts in bravery and possesses extreme physical strength.
  • 2) Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, desperately needs help. Grendel, a despicable monster, had terrorized and killed many of the Danes in Herot. Hrothgar trusts Beowulf to kill Grendel, and avenge the Danes' lives. 
  • 3) Beowulf patiently waited for Grendel to appear, and once he did, it was Beowulf's time to prove himself. He fought the horrifying monster with his bare hands, ripping his arm off, and scaring him back to his home to die.
  • 4) Soon Grendel's ferocious mother came to avenge her son's death, and killed Hrothgar's closest companion. Beowulf swam to the bottom of the lake cave, and was met by Grendel's mother, who quickly pinned him down, nearly killing him.
  • 5) Luckily Beowulf's mail shirt saved him from the sharp blade, and he quickly killed Grendel's mother. He then took Grendel's head as a trophy, and returned to Herot with the wonderful news.
  • 6) After celebrating his victory, Beowulf and his fellow Geats packed their ship high with their battle trophies, and treasure. Beowulf had completed yet another quest, and was returning home safely to Geatland.
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