Unknown Story
Updated: 2/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I needed to see you. You didn't write me back.
  • Tally? Why are you here?
  • You need to get out of here.
  • Sorry if i scared you!
  • I think they found me.
  • I'm sorry Shay, but I've waited my whole life too be pretty, but I promise to keep you're secret.
  • I'm leaving Tally. I'm running away and I'm not being pretty. Will you go with me?
  • Yes I am.
  • Tally sneaks into Pretty Town. She is looking for Peris, her best friend. Tally confronts Peris about not writing her back.
  • Are you ready Tally?
  • Tally sees a girl, and thinks that she got caught, but it actually a girl named Shay. They get to know each other really well, and they even have the same birthday.
  • But I promised her that I wouldn't tell anyone her secret.
  • Tally, you have a decision to make. You have to tell us where Shay is or you will never be pretty.
  • Tally and Shay become best friends. They go everywhere together, but then Shay tells Tally some news she doesn't want to here.
  • Yes. I'll go look for Shay.
  • Have you made a decision yet Tally?
  • Tally's birthday finally arrives and she is ready to become a pretty.
  • Tally has to make the decision of being pretty and telling Shay's secret or not being pretty and keeping Shay's secret.
  • Tally finally comes to a decision. She is going to find Shay because she wants to be with Peris because she has know him longer than Shay.