Unknown Story
Updated: 2/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Peris?
  • I'm so happy I'm so pretty now!!
  • Your sneaking into pretty town too?
  • I'm Tally.
  • Yup. I'm Shay by the way.
  • You'll see.
  • I'm taking you to the rusty ruins to meet David.
  • Who's David?
  • I'm so excited! Its the day we get the operation to be pretty!
  • Tally sneaks into pretty town to find Peris, but when she gets there he is to busy talking to his new friends from pretty town.
  • Tally, I don't want to be pretty, I'm running away.
  • Tally meets Shay who's also sneaking into pretty town.
  • What's taking so long?
  • Come with me, Tally.
  • Shay takes Tally to the rusty ruins to meet her mysterious friend David. This is a big risk for Tally.
  • Tally, you need to find Shay or you can't turn pretty.
  • Okay, I guess I will find Shay.
  • Tally is excited about turning pretty but Shay doesn't want to, she runs away.
  • Tally is waiting at the hospital to turn pretty.
  • Finally!
  • Dr.Cable tells Tally that she has to find Shay after she ran away or she won't be able to turn pretty. Tally is upset by this.
  • That's not fair!!