Little red riding hood
Updated: 1/12/2021
Little red riding hood

Storyboard Text

  • Little red riding hood lived in the woods with her mom. One morning little red riding hood went to see her nan. 
  • “Oh no, Help me” little red riding hood screamed for help. Close by the Woodcutter heard little red riding hood scream. He ran fast as he could. As he got to the house he saw the big wolf there and managed to scare him away.
  • On the way through the woods to go see her nan with a basket full of cakes, little red riding hood met a wolf. “Hello” said the wolf “where are you going” little red riding hood said “i am going to see my nan, she lives over there”
  • The bad wolf hidden nan in the dark gloomy closet. Little red riding hood said “nan are you ok” as she was walking into nans room. “Good morning” said gran “have you got any cakes?” but little red riding hood didn't know this was the wolf!
  • The wolf had a idea, he was going to nans house before little red riding hood got there.Little red riding hood finally got to nans house, “morning nan” she said, little red riding hood didn't know the wolf was there. 
  • Little red riding hood said “yes i've got some cakes”As little red riding hood walked over to grans bed she said “Oh nan, what big eyes you have!” the Wolf said “So that I can see you better” Little Red riding hood said “nan what big ears you have” “So that I can hear you better”.
  • Little red riding hood said “thank you so much” to the Woodcutter. She was so upset “why you still sad for he won't come back again” little red riding hood didn't know where her nan was.
  • The woodcutter checked the whole house and found nan in the closet. Both little red riding hood and nan were safe and the big bad wolf never came back again.
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