psych how you see me
Updated: 2/24/2021
psych how you see me

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  • Freud
  • rob da store....cha-ching!
  • hmm... i will buy something from store...
  • give all of your belongings to the store
  • Adler
  • I am the last born and I am more outgoing and spunky.
  • I am the first born and I am organized and
  • Jung
  • I prefer being around people a lot, It gives me energy and I enjoy it !
  • Sigmund Freud believed that people had three components to their motivations, id, ego, and superego
  • Bandura
  • I will work hard and put effort into delivering presents to all children around the world !
  • adler first vs last
  • Horney
  • Carl Jung developed the theory that people can be extroverts and introverts. Extroverts gain their energy from people while introverts gain their energy from being alone.
  • Rogers
  • I am the combination of my self image, true self, and ideal self. I am me !
  • Self efficacy
  • Karen Horney subscribed to Neo-Freudian views, such as that men feel envy towards women because they don't have a womb. This is to reflect Freud's theory of 'penis-envy'.
  • I wish I had a womb...
  • Carl Rogers believed that there are three different versions of yourself: you self image, true self, and ideal self. The more these are congruent and overlap, the