Pandora's Box
Updated: 4/7/2021
Pandora's Box

Storyboard Text

  • HEY!
  • Epimetheus and Prometheus upset the gods and annoyed the most powerful god, Zeus. Zeus had been annoyed before by humans, and to stop them he took away their fire.
  • But Prometheus was smart. He went to a blacksmith and took their fire. This made Zeus angry and made him feel like humans had to be punished once and for all.
  • death
  • Zeus decided to use his and other gods powers to make a perfect woman named Pandora send her as a gift to Epimetheus.
  • disease
  • poverty
  • hope
  • Prometheus told him not to accept any gifts from the gods but Pandora was too beautiful. They fell in love and got married, and as a wedding gift, Zeus gave them a box, and said to never open it.
  • All Pandora could think about was what’s in the box. She couldn’t wait any longer and when Epimetheus was out of sight she grabbed the key and carefully slid it in the lock, turned it, and slowly lifted the lid, expecting gold, riches, and silks.
  • But there were no treasures. Zeus had put evils like death, poverty, sadness, disease, all rearing their ugly faces from the box. She quickly closed the box and with the evils let out, Pandora and Epimetheus decided there can’t be anything left so they opened the box. A beautiful dragonfly, hope, came out.