bomb report
Updated: 12/7/2018
bomb report
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  • I did not that if I combined a uranium atom with a radioactive material that the atom will slit into two.I also did not know that my discovery will cause a horrible war and design the atomic bomb.I am a German scientist named Otto.
  • Hi my name is Robert Oppenheimer and I love science.I teach at this school and I was a major person in the prosess 
  • Hi my name is Robert Oppenheimer and I love science.I teach at this school and I was a major help in building the atomic bomb. I will be telling you the important parts of the story.
  • So this is Los Alamos.Los Alamos is the secret lab where we(scientists) are trying to build the atomic bomb. Our supervisor is Groves.In this lab we have top national scientists.I am one of them. We are trying to build the first atomic bomb before the Germans. Everyone is really stressed.
  • Even the Soviet Union was trying to build the bomb. There was so much spying that they needed to chose very carefully on who to work with. Two main spies were Harry Gold and Klaus Fuchs.At the end of the war both of them were sent to jail. They communicated with other spies by using books at by meeting at certain places at certain times.
  • This is the secret info about the atomic bomb. I got it from America.
  • Finally America designed and built the worlds first atomic bomb.They were going to launch it at Germany however before they even got to launch it Germany surrendered. So now instead America was going to hit Japan with the bomb. They decided to hit with Japan because they attacked Peal Harbor.The person who was going to fly the bomb was going to be Paul Tibbets,and nobody knew what was going to happen.
  • The atomic bomb!
  • Our homes are destroyed. The horror.Run.Run for you lives.
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