Events Leading To America
Updated: 5/6/2019
Events Leading To America

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  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • Federal Judiciary Act of 1789
  • Marbury VS Madison
  • In 1791 during the presidency of George wahington, there was a protest for the tax on whiskey. George Washinton then saw the serious matter and how bad things were getting eventually taking the tax away.
  • Alien Act
  • You are all going back where you came from.
  • The Federal Judiciary Act of 1789 let George Washington establish a federal court system that means the federal court is now allowed to change or alter decisions.
  • Sedition Act
  • No more talking back to the government!
  • Marbury V Madison was dispute between James Madison and Willliam Marbury to see if a judicial review should be established which means federal courts can decide laws.
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • We have your 15 million.
  • Thank you.
  • The alien act was a law that stated that any illegal immigrant would be sent back to where they are originally from (deported). The alien act also made it hard for them to vote for anything; the alien act was passed in1789.
  • The sedition act was established so that any citizen could not say anything in return or try to fight about it about his thoughts or ideas. If anybody does try to they will receive a punishment.
  • In 1803 the US bought Louisiana from France for 15 million dollars. The reason the US bout Louisiana from France because they needed the port of New Orleans and the Mississipi River
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