Part two of Laila's baby boy Amir
Updated: 2/3/2021
Part two of Laila's baby boy Amir

Storyboard Text

  • Laila called the police and came outside to discuss what had happened when she realised that she had forgot Amir (the baby).
  • Amir was lying down on a pillow in the en-suit because Ramiy forgot him when he was called by Laila.
  • Ramiy! These are the robbers that stole my stuff. Thanks
  • Laila finally found Amir in the en-suit where Ramiy let him. She was releaved to see her baby.
  • The robbers had come back and Laila was coming down the stairs.
  • Ramiy had came in and knocked them both over.
  • The robbers had been taken to jail and Laila had her necklace back.