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Updated: 3/18/2020
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Pollution in Spencerport

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  • Thick Black Smoke Pours From The Top of Factories
  • Polluting The Cities Making The Sky Grey, And Making It Hard to Breathe...
  • As you can clearly see, something needs to be done about the way we create energy. We are polluting our town by burning oil and coal. If we just use Nuclear energy we can fix all our problems, and help make Spencerport a better community.
  • News 8
  • But, With A Little Effort Put Towards Fixing Things...
  • Emma's Ice Cream Shop
  • j
  • We Could Make This Town A Little Better for Everyone Around Us.
  • By using Nuclear Energy, there will be less pollutants in the air. Also Nuclear Energy is cheaper and has a high power output.