Political issues
Updated: 3/9/2021
Political issues

Storyboard Text

  • Mr.Cartier we need to be able to have equal representation.
  • Number of seats is based on the population of the colony. It isn't fair!!
  • So it is time to make this system fair if we do the rep by pop way it will be a lot better and it will be fair, Rep by pop will allow us to be represented depending on our population which is a lot more fair.
  • Mr. George Brown We need to change this unfair system we cant be living this way
  • Well it isn't our problem that Canada East has less people.
  • We can also end up losing our French community and that doesn't make matters any better.
  • If we do equal representation and if Canada East is against an idea or supports an idea our votes wont matter because automatically we are out numbered.
  • We are tired of being treated like one less of a person. It is about time we have a say in things. It time we change and allow women to vote. These choices dont only affect men it also affects us women.
  • Your voices and opinions are so useless they are the last thing we need. Try all you want but we dontwant your votes.
  • In this first panel we can see the leader of Canada West George Brown and leader of Canada East George Etienne Cartier are in a political deadlock on whether equal representation or rep by pop is better.
  • In the second panel Canada's West leader George Brown is explaining how rep by pop is fair and why continuing the idea of equal representation isn't fair.
  • Lastly in the last panel it is shown how women of BNA didn't have an opportunity to vote means their voices never mattered. Choices made affected these women but it didn't matter how it made them feel.