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Updated: 6/30/2020
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  • After three years of teaching with seconds, teacher Katya had a change, she was assigned to the fourth year group A. When she got home...
  • Honey, tell me, how do you feel about the new group? What's your group like?
  • My new group is not violent, I try to manage a pleasant environment, besides not scolding them without reason,
  • honey, you know I'm a pacific talker so the kids understand, but in general the group is quiet.
  • I try to make them better aware so that situations do not repeat themselves. I think that strategy has worked for me these years,
  • One day Miss Katy and Miss Lau were talking in the teachers' room.
  • For the teacher, having the support of the parents is very important.
  • Miss Katy, it seems to me that you are right, because if the parents pay attention to the children, they are more motivated, if they don't pay attention, the child doesn't show interest either.
  • I think that the parents are going to help reinforce the subjects we saw in class and if there is no such support, it will be very difficult for the child to advance in the expected learning of the subjects, so the teacher-student-parent bond is of the utmost importance.
  • On the other hand, the teacher in these years, only had problems with a mother who was not happy with her daughter's grades, but the teacher was accessible and between the two talked until they reached an agreement.
  • But since the teacher wasn't wrong, that didn't happen and the mother stormed out of the room.
  • Madam, if you like, we can bring your daughter's notebook so that we can see her performance, and if I make a mistake in giving her a bad grade, I apologize and will gladly change it.
  • The teacher also had a discipline control that was a box, in which the child was given a green dot if his behavior had been good, a yellow dot if his behavior had been regular and a red dot if his behavior had not been favorable, inside and outside the classroom, he also entered the evaluation, if he had submitted work, and his parents had to sign that check every day.
  • After the incident, the teacher did not want her students to live in a society without values.
  • Miss Katy always got along with her fellow teachers and principals, as she had to, as together they made improvements to the school. She always supported what the institution demanded of her.
  • Throughout what seems to be a short experience in the classrooms...
  • Teacher Katya has shown herself to be a good teacher who is interested in her students, who arrives early to have everything in order and who waits eagerly for the arrival of her students to share her knowledge with them;
  • It is important for parents to monitor their child's performance and support the teacher in ensuring that the child continues to make effective progress. According to (Fierro, 1999): The role of the teacher as a professional working in an institution is based on the relationships between the people involved in the educational process: students, teachers, principals, mothers and fathers.
  • Currently she is waiting to return to the classroom to continue expanding her horizons in which the children and she are filled with learning.
  • Waiting
  • All this in order to make children gradually make better decisions throughout their lives, making them in turn safer, fuller and happier people.
  • Institutionally, the teacher worked with the values calendar, just as in the classroom she encouraged respect among peers, honesty and dialogue as a method of solving problems.
  • She is a great example to follow.
  • of course, in her experience she has not had any bad moments yet, everything has flowed well,
  • however, not everything has been successful, but as far as she can help the children she has always been willing, trying to get them through, she herself says that she is not such a strict teacher, that she is an accessible teacher.
  • Temporary end. This story will continue...
  • Since without a doubt being a teacher is more than imparting knowledge, it is... inspiring change.
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