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The Sunbird
Updated: 10/14/2020
The Sunbird
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  • “I have. I—” Telemakos said, and clenched his fists. He hated Anako, but he did not want to be like Anako. “I have not. Plague take him! Send him into exile outside Aksum. Give him a choice: Afar or exile. Salt or plague. Maybe he will be lucky.”
  • Gebre Meskal, I decided that i will take in thisinfiltration mission.
  • Telemakos!Are you sure about this? thank you for being so brave.
  • In this box Telemakos is asked what fate he has thought to punish Anako with for all his unforgivable crimes and at the very end he decides to be merciful of him and give him a choice to be exiled of Aksum or to suffer the pain Telemakos felt while being on the desert Telemakos is well aware that he might be lucky and survive the plague but that didnt bother Telemakos as he was not getting consumed by hate and ambition he did not want to be what Anako was as it is stated in the text : "He hated Anako, but he did not want to be like Anako." .
  • Take this to Aksum Big boy.
  • After Anako was exiled he decided to travel to the Arabian peninsula to start a new life and leave his old life of crime ,but that didn't stop people from hating him once it was revealed he was the Lazarus. Many people hated him because they lost their family thanks to him letting the plague into Axum so in his way to the Arabian peninsula he encountered people who hated him so much for his actions that they killed him in the desert by brutally hitting him to death.
  • You're Officially Exiled From Persia for espionage crimes Telemakos.
  • Telemakos took a year off his career as a spy he was thinking of retiring and not have to risk facing the horrors he faced at afar again but after a year Telemakos was offered a mission by Gebre Meskal and he decided that he will do that so that Aksum is safer he decided that he was going to be brave and [protect aksu he was ready to go on a mission again and face his fears. Telemakos decided to take on a mission to infiltrate in Persia or what we call Iran nowadays and gather information on them.
  • I Miss you so much i love you!-Father!-Son!
  • The End Part 1
  • The End Part 2
  • Look at our beautiful baby!
  • Telemakos Managed to infiltrate in Persia and he sneaked into a government role as he grew up old enough to take part as a part of a council that decided very important things about the Persian military.As more years passed Telemakos gained more information about the Persians and managed to take all the Intel to Aksum by using messenger birds.
  • Fifteen years into his mission Telemakos is found out to be a spy by the Persians when they saw him giving Intel to a messenger bird.The Persians were merciful of Telemakos so he just served two years in prison and was exiled off the Persian empire but all this created very fragile diplomatic relations between Aksum and Persia this fragility resulted in a big war 2 centuries later at around 570-578 AD.
  • Telemakos ends up returning to Aksum to meet his family and friends and finally retire from his job as a spy as he has a feeling that he has served his duty in the military and he ends up marrying a girl from outside of Africa thanks to his dad Medraut who is a foreigner and presented her to him. Telemakos has a son called Kwame who followed his fathers steps later on his life and became a really famous spy around all of Africa and Europe.
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