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Mrs. Catalano
Updated: 4/3/2019
Mrs. Catalano
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  • You made me feel like a Zero, like a nothing
  • You should known, Coni, that if it wasn't for your grandmother who's existance you don't seem to value you and I would not be here right now 
  • I'm sorry Abuela, I didn't want you to feel like you ment nothing to me. I was just embaresed.
  • When abuela and Coni go to the church abuela gets lost and coni feels embarrassed because of the actions abuela takes. Coni got so embarrassed she put her head down and acted like she didn't know who abuela was. The lady sitting next to Coni got up out of her set and went to get abuela. When they left abuela felt like she ment nothing to Coni. On the ride home they didnt talk to eachother.
  • Hey Jose do you want to a company with me
  • I mean I guess if it gets us money
  • Abuela told Coni's mother about what had happened at the church and Coni's mother gave her a lecture about Coni not valuing abuela. If it wasn't for her grandma she and her mother would'nt be alive.
  • I'm only paying for one of you
  • Yes sir, Jose here will be doing the work
  • At the end Coni realizes that she has been a jerk to her grandma, she says that her mom gave her a look like she felt bad for her. In paragraph #19 Coni says "I can feel myself shrinking right there in front in front of her." In that same paragraph she said "...and it's not easy to admit you've been a jerk-at least not right away with everybody watching." At the end she learns to value her grandmother.
  • *barley breathing*
  • Mr. Clemens are you okay
  • When Jose came home from school Arnie asked him if he wanted to start a cleaning buisness with him to make money, but what Jose didn't know was that he would be doing all the work but Arnie would still get money for doing nothing.
  • Jose and Arnie arrive at Mr. Clemens house to clean his pool and Arnie is going to watch Jose clean while he is sitting on a lounge chair.
  • Mr. Clemens tumbles into the pool and Jose stays to help but Arnie runs away and doesn't call 911.
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