Updated: 2/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Physical Description:Johnny Cade is a short and slight kid with black hair that is in baggy bangs to side. He is 16 years old and one of the youngest greasers.He has a darker tan then most of the greasers. You could tell that he was always nervous in the way his eyes looked. He also looked hurt sometimes because his parents would beat him.
  • Character Traits: Nervous,Shy,brave,loving,careful,scared,tough
  • "I had seen Johnny after four Socs got a hold of him, and it wasn't pretty. Johnny was scared of his own shadow after that. He was 16 years old." This is a direct quote because it says right in it that he was scared.
  • This quote shows that Johnny is tough, scared and nervous. It shows he is brave because he could overcome getting beaten up and almost killed. It also shows he is nervous and scared because his own shadow was scaring him