Sophia and Julia Science Puns
Updated: 2/2/2020
Sophia and Julia Science Puns
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  • Hey there fellow penguin, my name is dms!
  • Even if there was no gravity I would still fall for you!
  • Are you iron, cause I'm attracted to you!
  • The joke "sliding into dms" is when you text someone through instagram that your attracted too. In this scene the penguin on the ice is sliding into the penguin (in the water) named dms. So, the penguin is using friction to slide down the ice to slide into the penguin dms. 
  • Its okay, you'll bounce back!
  • I just lost my job at a rubber band company!
  • The Joke "Even if there was no gravity I would still fall for you! " relates to the component gravity because gravity pulls you down but in space there no's gravity so its hard to fall downward.
  • I just read a book about skateboarding! The genre non-friction
  • The joke "are you iron because i'm attracted to you" has the meaning behind that a magnet is only attracted to certain metals, such as iron. So, the magnet is attracted to the coins in the picture.
  • Hi, i'm negative Nancy !
  • Hi i'm positive Paul!
  • The joke "you'll bounce back" relates to the traits of elasticity because similar to when a rubber band is stretched it bounces back to the original shape and form.
  • The joke "non-friction" relates to the topic of friction because its the polar opposite. The reason that we included skateboards is because when skateboard, there is a lot of sliding friction involved. So the fact that the genre is "non-friction" is irony.
  • This is a great display of the joke,"opposites attract" because you have someone who is super negative and someone who is super positive and they get along so well. So, opposite people are attracted to each other which goes along with the magnetic joke!
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