Unknown Story
Updated: 2/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I love you all
  • where are you grandfather sun
  • Once upon a time Maushop a gint loved the Wampanoag people.
  • But then they noticed that grand father sun was appearing less and less often.
  • Until the Grandfather sun was not able to be seen and the people started to get worried.
  • The people wanted to wait for grand father sun to rise but he never did to they asked Maushop to go wait for him to rise.
  • The people became mad that grand father sun did not listen to them to they planed to weave a net so they could catch and talk to grandfather sun.
  • they had the net ready with Maushop in the water with it he waited till he could see him once he did he cought him and asked him why he lef and he said he did because he was not getting thank for all that he did and that they need to learn how to take care of him