black rhino

Updated: 8/3/2020
black rhino

Storyboard Text

  • The black rhino is the smaller of the two african rhino species. They are found in namibia and coastal east africa in deserts and grasslands. The black rhino is Critically Endangered because of poachers hunting for there horns.
  • Hunting black rhinos started in 1970 because of the increase of ornamental carvings and traditional medicine.
  • By the 1990 the black rhino had been hunted so much they had become Critically endangered.
  • Because of hunting only 2,500 black rhinos were left so new laws were put in place to stop black rhinos becoming extinct.
  • 20 years later or now there are 5,000 black rhinos left and that number is still growing. Some zoos have black rhinos and try to breed them to increase the number of black rhinos