Largo McLeod- Comic Project- Vasquez- P4
Updated: 1/29/2020
Largo McLeod- Comic Project- Vasquez- P4
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  • ugh!! this food sucks! it has no nutritional value and this apple is pure plastic!
  • The Idea
  • I know right! There should be a law that states schools must provide nutritional and GOOD food!
  • Today's Lunch: hotdogs + burgersapples + bananaspie
  • Wait, That's a great idea! We should introduce it to Val Demings.
  • The Next Step!
  • Hello Everybody, this committee has been chosen to decide on whether or not "healthier school lunches" should move onto the next step to becoming or law or shall it die here.
  • I mean we aren't very generous with the children but they are always asking for more and more stuff!
  • Healthier school lunches?! are you kidding me?
  • Heck no! Why do those kids need better lunches?
  • My Dream..
  • Later than evening the kids called up the representative of Florida in the house. They introduced the idea and Val Demings loved it. The next step was to assign it a committee. 
  • The Votes P2
  • My opinion on better school lunches for the children is.....
  • Healthier and better school lunches for the children of america!
  • Unfortunately, once the entire committee had their vote, the bill was "pigeonholed" or you could say MURDERED. The only thing left for the bill to do next is dream of what could have happened.
  • The Signing.
  • Wahooo! another win for me :)
  • The next step in the process of dazzling bill becoming a law would be for the House of Representatives to vote on the bill. To keep you updated, this has already happened and now the bill if officially ready to go onto the next step of the senate voting on it.
  • The End :(
  • After the House of representatives overruled with "yay" by population, it is now time for the Senate to vote, but before that must happen senators get a change for speeches to persuade their point. After this happened the votes were tallied up and "yay" overruled! For this to happen 51% of the Senate and House have to vote for the same decision.
  • YAY
  • NAY
  • The final step to a bill becoming a law is the president either signing or vetoing it, in this case, he signed it and the bill is now free to live it's happily ever after!!
  • However this story doesn't have such a happy ending, the night the bill was murdered by the committee, he went home and took a nap, only to dream about what could have happen. Unfortunately, not all stories have a happily ever after.
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