bill to a law
Updated: 1/19/2021
bill to a law

Storyboard Text

  • maybe you're right it could hurt less people and could help the neighborhood
  • we should call a congressperson and tell them to support our bill
  • there should be a law that says all cars should stop at railroads
  • we gotta get this bill to the committee were they debate and argue over this bill weather it should become a law and then they vote
  • " Shall it become a law or not whoever is in favor of it say yea. whoever is against it say nay"
  • "nay" "nay""nay" "nay"
  • "yea" "yea""yea" "yea""yea"
  • 2/3 of the senate has voted yes so we shall now send it to the house of representatives
  • well it has been decided it shall now be sent to the white house for the president to sign
  • "nay" "nay""nay" "nay" "nay"
  • "yea" "yea" "yea" "yea" "yea""yea"
  • on the way too the white house!!
  • we shall sign this bill into a law now and that is a story to show how a bill goes to a law