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Updated: 1/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Breaking in
  • Please don't let the teachers know we are here- Raina
  • Tip toeing
  • The Destroying
  • Rana:
  • Raise:
  • A+
  • A+
  • A+
  • A+
  • Char:
  • Malika:
  • Malika was trying to find every single reason why she shouldn't go. Malika got ready to leave and Char was waiting for me at the school door so we can enter. One of the janitors left the door unlocked and that's how they entered. Then Raina was so not smart and lets the door slam. Then the janitor suspects something
  • Messy Twins
  • Malika, Char, and the twins go tippy toeing to Miss Sander's classroom but first the had to walk by the class that the janitor was in. They walked right passed him and the janitor did not notice. Malika wonders if the the classroom door is locked. When Malika walks up to the door and tries to open it and its unlocked
  • Pressure
  • Char decided to rip the curtains and everyone was doing something but Malika was to scared but if she didn't do anything Char would do something to her.
  • Fire Trouble
  • The twins know as Raise and Raina grabbed scissors and started stabbing the pillows and the feathers went everywhere.
  • Char has spotted a pile of money and she wants to burn the pile. So she tells Malika to burn it and malika is not wanting to do it and Char hands the liter to Malika. " I want all the money gone" said Char. Char holds on to Malika's shoulder until her knees get weak. Char threatens malika saying " i will jack you up" and it keeps going until Malika got tried. So she had to do it.
  • So Malika had ended up burning the pile of money and she did not like what she did. While they were leaving the classroom Malika had dropped some clothes that were in her bookbag. Malika wishes she could undo what she just did. As Malika, Char, Raise, and Rana are leaving the building the janitor spots Malika. " Malika Malika Madison what are you doing here" said the janitor Malika ran out crying to her house.
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