Broken Blade Katelyn Hinnekamp hour 6
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade Katelyn Hinnekamp hour 6

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre´s father cut his thumb doing Pierre´s work that he was to lazy to do.Pierre decides he needs to leave his family and friends and become a voyageur because his dad cut his thumb and can´t make money for the family.
  • I'm a little homesick but I'm holding up well after leaving St.Annes. I get along well with my brigade even though they call me names,their sleeping right now.My right hand isn't doing well its all torn up and La Londe had to give me doe deer skin for my paddle.
  • Our brigade ended up going in the rapids.I got sick and threw up over the rushing water.oh and my finger got cut by rock i'm lucky it didn't get cut off!
  • Ugh where can I start,it was going good at first but then a huge storm hit and....our canoe was just out of it!,the water was freezing and just killing us.It came to fast and we weren't ready and BOOM our canoe went down lucky we chose to stay close to shore or we were dead fish.
  • Oh my gosh I'm finally here. The trading post wasn't what i expected.My dad always said things about it and made it sound rad but not that much to me.The rendezvous was cool I liked it. Kennewah and I went for a walk to pick berries.
  • I'm going to go home and see my family again by now i really miss them. My mom and dad the most.I really can't wait to sleep in my own bed again and have different food every night.