Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Sorry Michael but we would like to inform that we have lost our jobs and we have nothing to do in this neighborhood so back your bags and say goodbye to your friends .
  • Wait!
  • After that we are going to the lake.
  • Don’t be late Michael.
  • Your mom and will take care of the trip can’t wait to sail around the world.
  • Michael’s dad introduces piggy sue to Michael and tells him about the exciting adventure they will have
  • Don’t worry Michael it will be the best experience you ever had in life now pass me the bags
  • Piggy sue our new sail boat me and your mom though it will be a life time opportunity to travel around the world
  • They are on the piggy sue
  • I knew you would enjoy it.
  • Michael take the wheeland go straight left.
  • Look there is a lion and a bird
  • whoof!whoof!