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Updated: 2/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I Was Born
  • My First Birthday
  • Happy Birthday Dear Ollie
  • Happy Birthday to you
  • Parents Divorce
  • soooooo that's how is gonna be. ill find someone better for sure
  • I'm Sick and tired of this I'm done
  • I was born on the 6th march 2008 at Calvary hospital My parents didn't think i was a boy because the state of my hair
  • My first Day of School
  • This was my first ever birthday it was a very special event for my parents and family because this was the first birthday of my entire life.
  • I started Playing Footy
  • Ollie are you reading for football practice
  • This Was when my parents got divorced when i was three. It was sad at the time but it was better for mum and dad so that they were separated and they dint have to keep yelling at each other
  • I Broke My Wrist
  • This was my very first day at St Leonards Primary school i was really nervous because i dint know anybody at this school but my parents told me that it was going to be alright and you will become friends with some people eventually.
  • This was when i had my very first football training called Auskick it was very fun because i knew a lot of people from my class at school
  • Yep
  • This was the first time i had ever broken a bone and it was a big adventure because this happened on grand final day. it din't hurt at first but later it hurt alot.
  • My Wrist!!!!!!