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re- budda bored
Updated: 6/16/2020
re- budda bored
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  • žThe Buddha was a man called Siddhartha Gotama bornin a town called Lumbini, in India, nearNepal about 2500 years ago
  • žBefore and after his birth there were many signs that the child would be special. His Mother Queen Maya had a dream a special dream which meant the Buddha was going to be important
  • žThe King did not want his son to seesuffering so he decided Siddartha should live a life of luxury sheltered from the realities of the world
  • ž1. He saw an old man. He had never seen an old person before.2. He saw a sick man. He had never seen anyone unwell before.3. He saw a dead body and relatives weeping around it. He had never heard of anyone dying.4. He saw a holy man. He had never seen a holy man before. He spoke to the man who told him that he had left his home, his friends and his family and was wandering from place to place trying to find the meaning of life.
  • žGotamadid not give up his search, instead he sat himself under a Bodhi tree andmeditated, determined to find the truth.
  • žHe went back to Benares, the place where he had lived with the monks, and in the park there he told them about what he had discovered. They understood what he was saying and became his first disciples.
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