Updated: 1/8/2020
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  • Anagnorisis
  • Polybus was nothing to you, that's why,not in blood.
  • Catharsis
  • My suffering is enough
  • Hamartia
  • When Oedipus finds out that Polybus is not his father is an example of Anagnorisis. Oedipus has a moment of discovery and everything makes sense after.
  • Hubris
  • You are the curse, the corruption of the land!
  • When Jocasta finds out about Oedipus being her son she cannot take the pain so she kills herself. This is an exapmle of Catharsis because when Jocasta dies the audience feels pity for her.
  • Dramatic Irony
  • When Oedipus kills his father he completes the first part of the prophecy without even knowing. This is an example of Hamartia because this is something Oedipus did that led to his downfall.
  • Symbolism
  • How can we cleanse ourselves- what rites? What's the source of the trouble?
  • Oedipus is placing the blame on Tiresias for the murder of Lauis, not knowing he is the killer. The pride that Oedipus is in blaming Tiresias is an example of Hubris.
  • When Oedipus says whoever killed Lauis needs to speak up. This is an example of Dramatic irony becuase the audience knows who killed Lauis but the characters do not.
  • The plague is the symbol of a crisis that thebes is facing due to Oedipus fufilling the prophecy. This is symblosim because there are symbols to signify ideas.
  • Banish the man or pay back blood with blood. Murder sets the plague storm on the city
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