Santa and the Hypothalamus Mix Up pt. 1
Updated: 1/12/2021
Santa and the Hypothalamus Mix Up pt. 1

Storyboard Description

Santa head gets hurt to where different parts of his hypothalamus gets destroyed> how will he deliver presents.

Storyboard Text

  • Santa and the Hypothalamus mix-up pt. 1
  • On one Christmas Eve, Santa Claus was getting ready to take off with his reindeer to go deliver Christmas gifts to all the children across the world.
  • But OH No!!! The elves forgot to feed the reindeer so the sleigh went down with a terrible CRASH before they could leave the North Pole!
  • After the elves fed the reindeer and fix Santa's headache, they went back and landed at their 1000th house. But Santa had a problem.
  • I'm so hungry, those cookies weren't enough for me! Let me find more food instead.
  • I Just ate as well! I must find more food in this house to munch on!
  • He didn't realize that he damaged his ventromedial hypothalamus, which is involved in stopping the urge of hunger. Because of this, Santa has an never ending urge to eat!
  • I'm still hungry for some reason. Maybe I can a little more than a snack at other houses.
  • A little while later...
  • Well I hope this family doesn't mind that I ate all their food. I'll make sure to give them extra presents next year!
  • After 3 billion houses he did the same thing to each one until he realized how big he has gotten. So before finishing his trip, Santa decides to go to the North Pole to get help from the elves to see what was wrong.
  • Oh no! I've become so huge I can barely move, I have to get the elves before I eat everything in the world!
  • To be continued...