Salem Witch trial of Sarah Osbourne

Updated: 9/12/2020
Salem Witch trial of Sarah Osbourne

Storyboard Text

  • betty paris comes down with an unknown ilness and blames it on sarah doing witchcraft on her.
  • The late Robert Prince, loving father and husband
  • years later after Alexander Osbourne paid off his indenture he marries Sarah
  • Mrs. Osbourne I am in charge of carrying out your late Husbands will and wishes I can not give you the farm. If you take it anyways then there will be legal trouble.
  • Good day Mr. Putnam, Me and alexander would like to take my husbands farm for ourselves instead of giving it to my two sons like Robert intended.
  • betty hubbard comes forward and also accuses sarah of witch because she was poking and pinching at betty hubbard with knitting needles.
  • Sarah you are under arrest for witch craft!!
  • Here in the Boston jail is where Sarah went through the trials and tests and lived out the rest of her life