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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Die brother!
  • Abominations
  • ahhhhhhelp mee!
  • Inventions
  • Dynasty's
  • You are our people now.
  • The ten abominations are laws that the government put out against the worst crimes. One out of the tens abominations I chose was contumacy which is killing someone in your family. I think they made the ten abominations to protect society from harm and grief.
  • Philosophies
  • Never disobey those in a higher class
  • Inventions are methods, devices, or processes. One thing that the Chinese invented was gun powder. They used the gun powder in warfare and for fireworks.This impacted the people because it advanced the Chinese weapons
  • Geography (Extra)
  • Dynasty's are a period of time when one family is chosen by the Mandate of Heaven to rule and when a new family rules, there is a new dynasty. This affects the people because the family that is ruling needs to be powerful and advance their culture to have good control over China.
  • Choice (Extra)
  • Yes master.
  • Philosophy's are a study of basic questions about human life. The three philosophy's are Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. In Confucianism, the main idea is that the people should have respect. In Daoism, it is the idea of the people living in harmony and nature. Lastly, in legalism, the main idea is that if you are bad you are harshly punished.
  • Bow down, for you shall respect me!
  • Ahhh
  • awwwww, how cute
  • One piece of geography in China is the Yellow River, or also known as the Huang He River. The Yellow River impacted the people because when it flooded, it provided fertile soil for farming.
  • The Great Wall of China is a big part of China's economy and trade, culture, and government. The Great Wall of China affects the people because it protects the civilizations in side and it also protects the silk road (a trade network).
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