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Buddha's Path to Enlightenment
Updated: 2/20/2020
Buddha's Path to Enlightenment
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  • Your Son will grow up to become a powerful king, or a religious leader
  • I Hope he is a king
  • Don't look at them
  • I need food
  • Around 563 B.C. prince Siddhartha Gautama, the son of the ruler of Nepal, was born. A fortuneteller predicted two possible futures for the boy. Siddhartha would become a mighty king or he would become a religious leader.
  • I will get water from that puddle
  • Siddhartha grew up wealthy, protected by his father. He avoided the sick and the poor, and walked around outside of the palace with guards. He married young and had a son.
  • This is where I will meditate
  • Once Siddhartha left the palace with no guards, and saw many poor, sick, and dead people. He saw a poor man who was holy. He decided to trade his clothes for the clothes of a religious seeker.
  • I'm here to teach you
  • Siddhartha lived on the food and money of others. He had no home and slept in the shelter of caves and trees. the Hindu Gurus taught him about the endless cycle of life and death. They taught him the path of salvation, but he was not satisfied. Siddhartha joined a band of religious ascetics. He ate very little and became weak. He fainted, and when he awoke realized this was not the path to truth. When a milkmaid offered him a bowl of milk and rice, he ate it.
  • Siddhartha gained his strength once more, and renewed him search. One day he sat under a fig tree to meditate. He stayed there and meditated for 49 days. Legends say he was visited by Mara, the god of desire and death. Siddhartha entered a new life free of desire, he had achieved enlightenment.
  • The Buddha had freed himself from the cycle of rebirth, but returned to the world to teach others what he learned. He traveled across India teaching what he had learned for 45 years. His purpose was to awaken the world of the true nature of life.
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