Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • My goodness, the smell is foul
  • The Massachusetts; It ended the Massachusetts constitution and ended the free election of town officials
  • The Boston Port Act; Closing port until colonists pay for the destroyed tea and the king was satisfied that order has been restored
  • Boston Harbour closed until the British East India Co. pays for 340 chests of tea!
  • The Administration of Justice Act (murder act); It allowed the Royal governor to order trials of accused Royal officials to take place in great Britain if he felt that the defendant could not get a fair trial in Mass.
  • The Quartering Act; It sought to create a more effective method of housing troops in America, it allowed the housing of soldiers in other buildings if suitable quarters were not provided
  • George Washington: "That Administration Justice Act is nothing but a murder act. It allows the British to harass Americans then escape justice."
  • That damn Quebec Act is giving the French Canadians complete Religious Freedom and restored the French Form of Civil Law
  • You Don't Say!