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Updated: 3/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • yes ma'am i wont throw the ball and i will try to get my grades up
  • authoritative parentstyle
  • i have a lot of self esteem i make my self happy
  • hey son don't throw that ball and i want you to have all a's and b's before first semester ends 
  • ice cream
  • permissive parent style
  • fine i will take her with me uggh
  • no im not watching that stupid brat now go get me my ice cream nowww !
  • yes son i will go get you some ice cream will you watch the baby 
  • neglectful parent style
  • 150$ for the drugs
  • i have really bad drug abuse
  • yes i would like to buy some drugs
  • authoritarian parent style
  • stop you worthless child i wish you where never born