New England Colonies
Updated: 1/29/2021
New England  Colonies

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Each state has a little historical info.

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  • Plymouth Colony
  • We are the Pilgrims that founded Plymouth
  • We pilgrims are known as sepratists
  • It was founded because they were jailed and wanted to leave
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • As the Puritans expanded their population, many economicactivities developed in theregion.
  • Puratins
  • Rhode Island
  • In Salem, an area by Narragansett Bay, Williamsfound safety and assistance from theNarragansett American Indians.
  • Connneticut
  • The rocky soil of the NewEngland coast forced settlers to look for better farmland inland.The Connecticut River Valley just west of Rhode Island, providedthat land.
  • Connecticut had rich soil.
  • New Hampshire
  • Where:Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • The strict Pruitan ways for some to seek relief, this led to the creation of Portsmouth.
  • In 1675 King Philip’s War began. This was one of the bloodiest conflicts ever fought in North America. In their attacks, Metacomet’s warriors attacked 52 towns, destroying crops and killing more than 600 settlers.
  • Settlers and Native Americans
  • With Metacomet dead, the war came to an end.Metacomet’s wife and son were among many who were sold into slavery; more than 4,000 Native Americans had lost their lives, and their strength in New England never returned.
  • Windsor
  • Reverend Thomas Hooker
  • By 1679, the king of England united the Pruitans under a charter as the royal colony ofNew Hampshire.