Updated: 2/3/2021

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  • Thanks for helping us defeat the Austrians.
  • Italy has been divided into multiple different states since the fall of Rome. This changed after the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, who created the kingdom of Italy. However, after Napoleon's rule, Italy was divided again.
  • In 1815, Austria looked to Piedmont (an Italian state) for leadership. They wanted the kingdom of Piedmont to unify Italy. The kingdom started by bringing Sardinia, Nice, and Savoy under one government.
  • Prime Minister Camillo di Cavour made an alliance with Louis-Napoleon to build an army to defeat the Austrians. He declared war in 1859, losing Nice and Savoy, but gaining Lombardy. Revolutions in Parma, Modena, and Tuscany caused them to join Piedmont, and Piedmont also gained control of the Two Sicilies.
  • What was the major cause for the unification of Germany/Italy?The major cause for the unification of Italy/Germany was the Crimean War
  • What are the possible effects of the unification of Italy and Germany?A possible effect of the unification of Italy and Germany is that it caused both of these countries to become more powerful, therefore upsetting Europe's balance of power. This might cause a war.
  • On March 17, 1861, Italy was proclaimed a new state ruled by King Victor Emmanuel II. It was not unified yet because Venetia and Rome were still controlled by Austria and France, respectively.
  • The Italians supported Prussia when it was fighting Austria. In 186 Italy gained control of Venetia and took over Rome on the 20th of September, 1870. Rome then became the capital of Italy. Finally, Italy became a unified state.
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