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Audio Storytelling Storyboard
Updated: 9/14/2020
Audio Storytelling Storyboard
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  • 1.
  • " Christmas Day, a joyous occasion celebrated by many kids and the families. In 1996, it was no different for JonBenet Ramsey. On Christmas day, 1996, JonBenet Ramsey celebrated Christmas with family JonBenet Ramsey was your typical 6-year-old kid, bubbly and energetic. (childish sound) She was beauty pageant queen from Boulder, CO. "
  • 2.
  • "It was Christmas night 1996 though, when the city of Boulder, CO would change forever. "
  • 3.
  • "The morning after Christmas, Patsy Ramsey, the mother of JonBenet, finds that her daughter is nowhere to be found when she wakes up to a ransom note demanding money for JonBenet’s safe return. "
  • Add Christmas jingle or something after the first sentence the emphasize the excitement about ChristmasNear the end of the paragraph, add a childish sound such as a giggle to describe JonBenet
  • 4.
  • "The police are called and when they examine the area, there are no signs of JonBenet and forced entry. Frantic, everyone starts to look for JonBenet. It wasn’t until the afternoon, until the next breakthrough occurred. Her body was found."
  • Suspenseful noise after saying the sentence to set the intensify the situation
  • 5.
  • "Her body was found in the basement of her home.She was strangled, had fractures to the skull and showed signs of sexual assault.Unfortunately, police were not able to collect much evidence due to her father picking her up and bringing her corpse upstairs after finding her, tampering the crime scene"
  • Background suspenseful music
  • 6.
  • "This case remains a mystery to this day because although there are many conspiracies about what happened, there was never any substantial evidence to pin this on someone. Was it her brother Burke, her mother Patsy, her father John, or was there someone else in the picture? We may never know?"
  • Police sirens when police are mentionedFrantic sound starts before I say the word frantic.When I say her body was found, play a intensifying suspenseful beat
  • Maybe a sound of gasping of air, a sound of a tightening rope, or someone walking on stairs.
  • Intense suspenseful music closing out and suspenseful background noise. *When I say suspenseful noise, I am thinking of something reminiscent of Unsolved Mysteries, I do not have a specific sound in mind yet*
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