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Voyage of the Dawn Treader #2
Updated: 9/15/2020
Voyage of the Dawn Treader #2
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  • A storm has come opon the Dawn Treader. One man falls overbord and the mast breaks. Eustace writes in his diary every day while they are in the storm. He hates everything about Narnia.
  • Eustace hears the others talking about what they needed to do to make the Dawn Treader ship-shape again. Eustace desides that he dosen't want to help them and makes a plan. He is going to sneak away and find a place to lie down and take a nap.
  • I know I'll sneak away while they are all talking! Then I won't have to do any work!
  • On his way back to the camp, Eustace gets lost and ends up finding a dragon (who dies) and his lair. In the dragon's lair, Eustace finds that it is full of treasure and he tries to steal as much he could hold. Then he falls asleep and when he wakes up, he is a dragon!
  • Oh on! There are two more dragons! Wait, why are the dragons mimicing me?
  • Oh no! There is only one dragon and that dragon is me! HELP!!!
  • One night, Eustace met Aslan and Aslan took Eustace up a mountain. There there was a pool that looked inviting to Eustace and he was about to go in when Aslan told him to shed his skins, but no matter how hard Eustace tryed, he just could not get them off. Then, Aslan told Eustace that he had to take his skins of and after Eustace's scales were shed and Eustace had taken his bath in the water, Eustace turns back into a boy.
  • I'm a boy again! Yay!
  • A sea surpent almost crushed the Dawn Treader! Reepicheep is the one who saved them because he relized that they needed to push the surpent off the boat. Now, because of Reepicheep, The Dawn Treader is now safe.
  • After the sea surpent encounter, they come to an island and on that island, they find one of the seven lords. The only thing is is that the lord was a statue made of soled gold. This was becuse the pond that he was in would turn anything that tuched it into soled gold.
  • I'm not sure.
  • Look! It's a statue! I wonder how that got there?
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