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Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • scene 7
  • scene 8
  • scene 9
  • The third room is green Which symbolizes the stage of teenagers. It means your growing and maturing.
  • scene 10
  • The fourth room is orange This symbolizes the stage 20s to 30s this stage shows that you are free to do whatever you would like however you are responsible for your actions.
  • scene 11
  • The figure room it entered was white Which symbiosis growing old and being somehow pure.
  • The sixth room was violet Which symbolizes growing old to some extent to being just like a toddler as everything is done for you.
  • As the masked figure entered each room the Prince kept up with with until the last room which was black. The Prince was thrilled as he surrounded it . When he unmasked it the cloth fell and the Prince was petrified and died (it was the red masque) so did all the people in the ball room. The black room represents death and the figure paced through all the stages as a person can die at any time.