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Updated: 9/10/2020
Ela Choice board

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  • Grandma died so now our family is in shambles
  • Aunt Madina got married to an American Man and when we were in a situation she hosted us and we moved to america
  • A dance form that dad won't let me go to
  • Nurzhan got into a fight and Maya helped him not get in trouble
  • In the meantime, Maya joined a gymnastics team got a best friend, and met a boy named Daniel.One day Her dad caught her with Daniel.
  • Maya!
  • Maya what is this
  • Maya didn't know how but Nurzhan got dad to agree to go to the dance and mom gave me a bracelet to wear
  • Maya got in trouble then her mom got injured so Maya had to do all her work and her mom stood up for her
  • You're going to the dance
  • Maya got to dance with Daniel and got to go to the dance because of Nurzhan and she was already looking forward to next time.