citizen participation in government
Updated: 12/7/2017
citizen participation in government
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  •  Autocratic
  • I am your king, so you must listen to me.
  • Absolute Monarchy
  • I have absolute power over you.
  •  Dictatorship
  • I control you.
  • A single ruler with unlimited power. Citizens can't participate in selection of ruler or vote on laws. Citizens may have little to no power. Power to rule is inherited (king/queen) or taken by military force.
  • Democratic
  • Its time to vote for the next Presedent.
  • The monarch has absolute power (no constitution) over the citizens.
  • Presidential
  • I vote for you.
  • The leader uses force to control the citizens.
  • Parliamentary
  • Citizens hold the power of the government. Citizens participate in their government. Citizens can become leaders. Citizens vote for leaders and laws.
  • Citizens vote directly for the leader of the country. Citizens vote for members of the legislature, but separately from leader of the country. The leader of the country does not make the laws it is the legislature that makes the laws.
  • Citizens vote for the member of the legislature. Citizens do not directly vote for the leader. Legislature choose the country's leader among its members of legislature. The leader is part of legislature so he/she help make the laws.
  • Its time to make the laws.
  • Yeah. Lets do it.
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