Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • We need the final exam from teacher's computer
  • To be honest, I've already gotten it
  • How's that possible? Could you please give us the answers?
  • It's not that simple, my bro is helping me out, but he said that was the hardest exam he had seen
  • Don't tell me, THERE WERE NO ANSWERS!
  • Hey, be quiet! nobody knows, but you. Let's go outside.
  • Even though, I paid a teacher to solve the exam, so, if you want the answer, you have to give me 500 bucks
  • No problem, here's the money, we need to pass
  • No refund! haha!
  • I was thinking about the final, you were working hard, so, there is no exam, all of you will pass the level.
  • We want our money back!