St. Rose Vereni
Updated: 5/21/2020
St. Rose Vereni

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  • St. Rose vereni was born on May 7th, 1956 to Goffredo and his wife Mariza in Viterbo Italy.
  • Dear God, I concentrate my life to you.
  • Rosa vowed to center her life to God, Trough this resolution was tested during  her adolescence
  • Rosa joined a Dominican women's community in 1676 until she returned home to comfort her mother after her fathers death.
  • No not dad, I'll come home now Mother
  • Domencio Rosa's brother also died at the age of 27, Rosa's mom Marizia was heartbroken and died months after.
  • Mom, Dad, Brother you guys are in a better place now you will be missed
  • This was a huge eye opener for Rosa and guided her toward her vocation in the field of teaching 
  • Rosa invited local women to her home to pray, until she was appalled by the lacking education and religious formation.
  • What's the rosary?
  • It was supported by some state officials though others resisted for the timing was unconventional
  • In 1685, Rosa opened Italy's first public school for girls , with the help of her two friends and local bishop