Hazel's Story Part 2
Updated: 7/17/2019
Hazel's Story Part 2
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  • Hazel and her parents thought they were just normal people, so they lived a very typical lifestyle. Little did they know that they weren't the only royal family transported to the present in NYC. Until Hazel started high school that is.
  • Today is Hazel's first day of high school. She and her dad are happy about it, but her mom is sad. After tears from her mom Hazel get's on the bus. She has no idea that the only other kids on the bus are from fairy tales too.
  • The bus was CROWDED! Hazel sat next to a lonely looking girl (who was actually the daughter of Tiana) and across from a boy (son of Aladin). Soon they arrived at the school.
  • It seemed the school was a castle! (it was) The bus that Hazel was on and one other bus were the only ones pulling into the parking lot. Everyone was meeting each other, wondering why there were so few people and why (if there were so few people) the school was like a castle. They would get answers in class.
  • For some reason there were girl and boy classrooms. Hazel and the other girls got to their classroom to find a winged fairy who claimed she was Tinkerbell there. She was their teacher, and she gave everyone nametags. Hazel's said: Hazel, daughter of Robin Hood, Tinkerbell Homeroom. Now she knew for sure that something was up.
  • Tinkerbell decided to let the girls meet each other, while she did other work. Hazel went around to other people to see their nametags. She saw: Evelyn, daughter of Eilionwy, on the girl across from her, and Krystal, daughter of Snow White on the girl next to her.  The girl she sat with on the bus was named Naomi, daughter of Tiana.
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