Miranda V Arizona

Updated: 3/18/2021
Miranda V Arizona

Storyboard Description

My Story shows how a man rights were violated by the police for making him admit that he was guilty. But in the end, the court rule that he has been treated unfairly and he was released.

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, the third one, its him, he did this to me.
  • Ma'am can you identify any of them as your assailant?
  • I admit it i kidnapped her... it was me 
  • we know you did it, we know it was you just admit it... admit that it was you
  • My rights were violated, i incriminated myself and they used that against me
  • What are we going to do ?
  • you were not treated fairly you incriminated yourself when being questioned by the police and you didn't know that was one of your rights
  • Final decision was 5-4 5 in favor, 4 against
  • because of this case we are now read our Miranda rights which tell us that we have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney