Srebrenica 2
Updated: 2/25/2021
Srebrenica 2

Storyboard Text

  • Srebrenica, 1994. Everything was peaceful. The only worries this family had were paying the bills on time, getting the kids to and back from school, and if someone gets hurt.
  • Nooooo!
  • I'm gonna get you!
  • Meet the Ahmic family. Ivan and Lana are the parents, and Benjamin and Sara are the children.
  • The next day...
  • You can consider these people to be a normal, ordinary family.
  • They really aren't that special. What will make them special is the events that will happen to them.
  • What is it?
  • We're going to move to a new house!
  • Children, your father and I want to tell you something.
  • I think I'm going to like it here!
  • This house is huge!