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Updated: 1/22/2020
Unknown Story
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  • British empire vs. French empire
  • Native Americans
  • War Hawks and Henry Clay
  • Due to the war between the British and the French British ships began to stop US ships to look for deserters that were fleeing from the British navy. But they began using impressment on American sailers. This greatly humiliated the Americans and put more pressure on Jefferson to declare war on Britain.
  • Battle of New Orleans
  • British troops in Canada encourage Native Americans to attack American settlements. This angered Americans and made them want to seize Canada from Britain while they were at war with the french.
  • Nationality
  • The war hawks believed the British had left America with one last choice and that was to fight. Henry Clay is recognized as the leader called for war on Britain. The war hawks eventually.
  • The star spangled banner
  • In 1814, both the US and Great Britain signed a treaty to end the war, but the news of the peace didn't get to the Americans fast enough. Andrew Jackson leading some 4,000 troops won The Battle of New Orleans after the treaty was signed.
  • The war had united the US under one cause, and this resulted in Americans learning how to work together for a common goal. Due to this the Federalist political party collapses and everyone is a part of the Democratic-Republican Party.
  • Francis Key Scott wrote the star spangled banner while imprisoned on a British ship as it was bombing the Fort McHenry. He saw the American Flag rise even though they were being bombarded. He wrote the poem heavily on what he saw.
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