Chapter 6 Storyboard From The Outsiders
Updated: 11/11/2020
Chapter 6 Storyboard From The Outsiders

Storyboard Text

  • Im sorry Ponyboy, I have to!
  • Let's go eat boys.
  • Were starving!
  • Sitting and chattering, Johnny had killed a fiend SOC that was drowning Ponyboy so now they are hiding at an abandoned church with only cigarettes, money, and a gun.
  • People in their town had found out the mischief they had done and put it in the paper, so the two of them had to disguise themselves. Ponyboy loved his hair so he didn't want to do this but they had to. Johnny bleached and cut Ponyboy's hair acting all elite, and only cut his own because his was too dark to bleach.
  • 24 hours later, Dally came in his truck to pick the two of them up and let them know that Sodapop, their other brother, had announced that Johnny and Ponyboy were the ones who killed Bob. At that point, they weren't even that worried anymore, they just needed food in them!
  • They all decided to go to Dairy Queen. While Ponyboy was enjoying his sundae, Dally broke the news that they hired a secret spy and it was Cherry, Ponyboys crush! His cheeks turned as pink as a pig.
  • After eating, they rode back to the church to pick up the money, gun, and cigarettes. Once they got there, the church was on fire and they think its from one of the cigarettes. To make matters worse, two kids were in the church! Johnny and Ponyboy risked their lives for those kids safety, but forgot about their own.
  • Luckily, the kids had no injuries and Ponyboy only had minor burns. Sadly, Johnny was as severely burnt as crispy burnt bacon. He was so badly injured that he could die. Lucky for him though, his other brothers came to see him for maybe the last time ever!