Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • French and Indian War (1754-1763)
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Sugar Act (1764)
  • People of something something.
  • The French was fighting against the British because the French was trading with the Natives and British wanted their land/Ohio River valley. So then they made a war with them and it lasted 7 years.
  • Stamp Act (1765)
  • I declare people to also blank blank.
  • King George III wanted no more Indians to get hurt or other people, so then he made the Proclamation of 1763. Then it meant the British won and British got East side of the Mississippi river and Spain West side.
  • Quartering Act (1765)
  • They had to pay for the war they had won because it was lots of money trying to protect the other colonies. So then they taxed the people to pay off the money and it was with sugar.
  • Forming of the Sons of Liberty (1765)
  • They still did not have enough money to pay off the war, so then King George III made another about people paying more for stamps and letter.
  • Britain still did not have enough money to pay off the war and it was making it hard to persuade the other people to team up with them. So then they had to put knights near the other colonies to try to say "We will protect you no matter what."
  • They had the Boston tea party, the Sons of Liberty was arguing about having tea taxes go down. But Britain said no, so then after the tea party. They thrown all the tea in the sea and that went up to the American Revolution.
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