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Jaydin Godzinski American Independence
Updated: 9/25/2020
Jaydin Godzinski American Independence
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  • Us France and Indians must work together to take land from British.
  • I don't think we will be strong enough to defeat the British and take over their land I think we should just admit our defeat.
  • After the war Parliament was low on money then decided that they should tax the people more in America for their protection. The people didn't like this change and protested against and wanted to change this law. Some colonists boycotted British and made them suffer. This was called the Stamp Act.
  • I don't think the American people should pay for their own protection and will make their taxes higher.
  • After parliament decided to restrict the people from only buying tea from British the people weren't happy and boycotted and protested. Parliament still didn't listen causing people to take millions of dollars of tea and throw it into the ocean. The government had to close down the Boston harbor until all the tea was paid for causing this to be called the Boston tea party.
  • If parliament wants to tell us we can only buy tea from British and wont listen to our Protests we will throw all their tea into the water.
  • King George the 3rd didn't like the idea of the petition and prohibited trade with colonists for awhile. In 1776 though Paine argued that it was common sense that 13 colonists were being runned by Britain they should go their own ways. Causing John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence
  • Even after all the fighting the American colonists still wanted to remain as British subjects. Continental Congress issued purposes and explanation why colonists resisted British.
  • The Declaration of Independence accomplished 5 things which were, Americans were no longer subjects of Britain, government should be based on Natural law and protection of individual rights, Listed grievances colonists against Britain and King George the 3rd, Justified conduct of colonists to both countrymen as well the rest of the world, and announced the US as an interdependent and equal member of international community.
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776 which we had to fight for our Independence.
  • The Deceleration of Independent had a big impact in the global which helped them gather support and which was public announced in the group of colonists.
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