China Storyboard han to song
Updated: 1/17/2020
China Storyboard han to song
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  • Fall of Han dynasty
  • For the Han dynasty!!!!
  • No we want freedom!
  • 3 kingdoms and rise of Tang
  • I am li yuan founder of the Tang dynasty.
  • Tang inventions
  • The Han dynasty fell because of unrest, revolt and rebellion of their people. Eventually the Empire weaken and fell.
  • Rise of Song dynasty
  • After the fall of the Han dynasty, China split into three main kingdoms. The Sui, Wei and Shu-Han. After the kingdoms weakened from fighting eacho other, Li Yuan conquered them and founded the Tang dynasty and reunifed China.
  • Song inventions
  • The tangs invented gunpowder represented by the cannon and white powder, pottery glaze represented by the pot and the printed press represented by the scroll.
  • Song vs Tang inventions
  • Tang inventions
  • Song inventions
  • After the Tang dynasty fell, fighting broke out and some people wanted to have a daoist kingdom or dynasty after the Tang fell, but some people wanted confucianism kingdom or dynasty. eventually the Song dynasty was founded and they once again reunifed china.
  • The songs had many inventions. They introduced a drought resistant typre rice that would help the pople, made miliary advancement such as the crossbow and gunpowder propelled arrows. They also invented the first mechanical clock.
  • The Tang did not invent much but paved the way for some Song inventions. The songs invented many things like the crossbow made the great wal of china and helped make the way for the first mechanical clock.
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